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Passive: New products from Coilmaster

A=5.0±0.3  B=4.5±0.5  C=2.50 Max.  D=1.6±0.2   E = 1.4±0.2

Coilmaster is now introducing a new ultra-small shielded power inductor.

The MM5025-series features:

  • High impedance (max. of 1400ohm at 10MHz: MM5025) enables great noise suppression.
  • Excellent current handling – up to 6 A; Exceptionally low DCR – only 9 mOhms
  • Impedance rage: 100Ω – 1,400Ω .
  • Magnetically shielded and low DC resistance and Suitable for large current .
  • MM5025 series does not damage high speed signal due to high coupling common mode choke coil structure.
  • Automatic mounting can be applied .

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